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​We took a survey of several of North Carolinas Law Enforcement Agencies, what do you want in a RADAR unit?  What if we could develop a radar with the size of a cellphone?  What if we had an easy to read touchscreen interactive display?  Oh yeah, how about the EASIEST remote in the industry?  Ok, don't want to use a remote, use our voice recognition software and control your radar hands free!!  The most important component of our radar = CUSTOMER SUPPORT after the sale!  
Speed Measurement Simplified, its coming to a police car near you!  


The VSPEC Time/Distance unit has now been in use on North Carolina Roadways for over a year and we have had solid feedback and very positive comments.  Officers love the remote and the ease of use of the unit, especially the self-test procedure.   See the Vehicle SPEed Computer page for videos of the unit in action!  We still believe that a RADAR for NC is a viable option, we have other speed measurement devices we are currently working on.  

A special thank you to the agencies that assisted us with beta testing!

UPDATE 1-31-2022

Beta testing is in progress for a new Time/Distance device!  Will keep you posted!