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Tarheel Waves provides service/ repair on most makes and models of RADAR, LIDAR, and Time/Distances devices.  We are Factory Authorized and FCC Licensed.  Our normal turnaround time is usually 7-10 days.  We do our best to get units out before, but sometimes we are waiting on parts from the appropriate manufacturer.  Also please keep in mind that our LIDAR Range is outside.  All units are BOTH bench tested and run on the road.  Nothing compares to an actual road test of how a unit functions!  
Tarheel Waves also provides certification/calibration Service for RADAR, LIDAR, and Time/Distance instruments.  Usual turnaround time for this is a couple days, depending on traffic load.  LIDAR takes a bit longer due to the tests we put the unit through.  We can certify your RADAR units in the field, no need to take them out of the car!  Give us a call or email us to set up an appointment.  Unfortunately we cannot certify LIDAR in the field, our test equipment/procedures does not allow us to do this!
We are also an OEM Master service center for all Tarheel Waves products.  We are also building a network of local service centers to serve you better and more efficiently.