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About Tarheel Waves
We are located in North Central North Carolina.  Our centralized location provides access to all parts of North Carolina as well as shipping Hubs of FEDEX and UPS.

Tarheel Waves was founded in January 2013 with one goal in mind = SERVICE!  We saw a need in the speed measurement industry for a service minded/oriented company to get back to the basics, serving our customers and providing a great product here in North Carolina.  With over 25 years in the speed measurement business and 20 years in public safety, we knew how to do it!  With our partners and working relationships we have experience in the manufacturing industry, our engineers on staff have developed speed measurement devices and the calibration/test equipment to certify them!  We also saw an opportunity.  Many of the original RADAR units were becoming obsolete and we saw a marketplace for our idea of a simplified RADAR!  So it began.......We started with a concept of a basic, easy to use RADAR for speed measurement.  We have teamed up to make Both a moving RADAR, LIDAR, and a Time and Distance speed measuring device for todays crowdedalibration police vehicle.

Tarheel Waves also provides certification/calibration and repair service on most makes/models of RADAR, LIDAR, and time/distance devices.  Our normal turnaround time is usually within 7 days.  
We are one of the few places left in the World that do board level repair on the MPH Python Series II, MPH K55,  Kustom Signals Pro1000DS and the Kustom Eagle Series.
We are an authorized Service Center for  MPH and Stalker Radar Products, and all Tarheel Waves Speed Measuring Devices.  We can make arrangements to come out in the field and certify your units, no need to send them to us!  Give us a call or send an email to set up an appointment.

We look forward to serving you!
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